Don't take our word for it... our customers will tell you first hand the quality craftsmanship and ingenuity that we put into every home we build.

John D - Owner
"Overall, CRD believes a handshake means more than all the legal paperwork that follows today's modern transactions."

Steve D. - Owner
"In all of my interactions with construction people over the past 20 years, I have never had such a positive worry-free experience."

Will L. - Owner
"The team has truly done a great job in executing this challenging project. I can not imagine someone I would be happier working with or who would do a better job"

Sam B. - Owner
"In describing the design of the house to a prominent, local architect, he commented 'There is only one builder in this area that could execute this intricate design and do it beautifully. The builder you are looking for is C. Raymond Davis & Sons.'"

Mark M. - Owner
"From our first interaction, Guy has exceeded our expectations and is the reason building our home long distance has been painless. He listened to our ideas, improved upon them and is in the process of creating our mountain home under budget and ahead of plan"

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