I Am Just Beginning

We can provide all the services you need. This process is called "Design-Bid-Build". This preferred process saves time and money. You are a part of a team of Construction Professionals and Design Experts that each have your interests in mind. We have provided additional information below regarding our "Design-Bid-Build" process. We refer to it as our "Dream-Build-Live" Process. It is the hallmark of the services we can provide as we help transform your dreams into reality!

I Have an Architect

Allow us to join your team as your Construction Manager. The earlier you involve us in the design process, the smoother the transition will be from Design to Build. Our expertise will prove vital as we assist in pricing, constructability reviews, value engineering, and scheduling. When the plans are complete, our estimating department will provide a detailed estimate that you may review in an "open book" format. This includes subcontractor/ supplier selection and proposals. This level of transparency will allow you to see and understand where your money is being spent and give you a sense of value in choosing us as your builder.

DREAM - (the pre-construction phase)

The dreaming is your job.... listening is ours. Our clients come to us for assistance in taking their dreams and ideas and transforming them into a design unique to their lifestyle needs, land specific requirements and budget.

The design team includes you the client. You will be intimately at work with our construction experts and selected architect. We have design professionals equipped with every skill and discipline necessary to handle a project containing any level of difficulty.

The end product of this design phase or pre-construction phase is a set of buildable plans and specifications that are a reflection of your dreams and ideas containing a detailed cost estimate for you to review in our "open book" format. This includes our subcontractor/ supplier selections and proposals. This level of transparency will allow you to understand where your money is being spent and give you a sense of value in choosing us as your builder.

You will have all the information needed to feel confident about moving forward with the next step, the construction phase. Upon your approval we will customize your building contract which will include the specific construction details of your home along with a "lump sum" amount, locking in your cost and giving you a sense of comfort and security. Upon completion of this contract we are now ready for permitting and groundbreaking... so lets roll up our sleeves and get started!

BUILD - (the construction phase)

In this phase, we act similar to a conductor of an orchestra.

Just like a conductor hand selects musicians, our subcontractors and suppliers are hand selected specifically to meet the requirements of building your home. In assembling our family of subcontractors and suppliers, we take into consideration their ability to provide quality materials and workmanship in a timely manner and for a reasonable price. History of business and responsibility in paying their bills weighs heavily in this decision process as well.

As a conductor leads an orchestra, we lead the construction process of your home. With our SureTrak Scheduling Software, we keep you, the suppliers and the subcontractors continually informed about the "what" we are building, "how" we are building it, and "when" each work scope is to be performed.

Improper attitudes are discouraged and dealt with in a expedient fashion.

Cleanliness is required and frequently monitored.

Drugs and alcohol are prohibited on our jobs.

Safety is instructed and encouraged.

From the first shovel in the ground, to the final finishing touches, as you watch the construction performance of your home, we are certain that you will be impressed and pleased with our "construction symphony" as each team member plays their part proficiently.

LIVE - (the post construction phase)

We move out and you move in, but it doesn't end there!

You will receive a binder that includes closeout documents, warranty information, service manuals, and subcontractor /supplier contact information.

We also oversee the warranty process. Near your eleventh month of living in your new home, we will return for a "walkthrough" to evaluate if anything needs our attention and action.

Our mission hinges upon "Total Client Satisfaction" as this goal has been in the forefront of our minds throughout each and every construction process and procedure.

In addition, it is our hope and desire that, along the way, we haven't just built your home, but we've built a relationship with you that will last for many years to come.

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