John Isaacs - Director 

John Isaacs joined C. Raymond Davis (CRD) in 2015 with over 25 years of industry experience. Being raised as the son of a self-employed roofer, John joined the family business at a very young age and discovered a passion for knowledge and leadership. This passion led John to trade school and then on to Herkimer College where he also majored in the trades. Through the years, John obtained positions with prominent construction companies including Pike Corporation Inc. and Armlin Damon & Associates. He worked as a Project Manager and quickly moved to Senior Project Coordinator. John greatly enjoys building direct relationships with his clients. After years of service in the commercial industry, John founded The Isaacs Group and stepped out on his own to provide Construction Management for residential clients. During his time as a business owner, John identified aspects of the business that he enjoyed most. Being a personal friend of the previous Director of Construction for CRD gave John an inside understanding of the company and position before it became an option to him in 2015.  With this inside knowledge of CRD, John decided with confidence that joining our team was the best fit for him and his unique skill set.  CRD has allowed him to focus on the client and directly manage the process of ensuring the quality of the finished product, a dream home.

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